Changes for 2020


Based on Covid-19 and on review of last year’s successful festival, we are making a number of updates for 2020. Even if you have participated for years please read through these items! Click here for the full list of 2020 vendor information.

  • Vendor spaces will still be 10’ x 10’ but there will be space between each vendor stall to facilitate social distancing. As a result, “traditional” locations for certain vendors may be different.

  • Additional Covid-19 precautions:

    • Please arrange your products for a “low-touch” experience if possible to limit multiple people touching the same objects, and arrange your tables to create safe distance between you and other festival goers. We recognize this can be difficult with crafts!

    • Please wear a face mask if you are able. We plan to have a limited quantity of disposable face masks available for attendees.

    • We will have hand sanitizer available at multiple locations around the festival. You are welcome to bring your own for your table as well

  • Hours of the festival are 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. We are ending an hour early this year. No vehicles at all will be permitted in the festival area until 3:00 PM.

  • We will not be providing electricity to any vendors this year for technical and logistical reasons. Vendors must supply their own power with a generator or other means.

  • We are increasing our focus on arts, crafts, music, and folkways. Items for sale must be primarily handmade or otherwise created by you. Please do not bring factory-produced merchandise for sale. We are happy to discuss your particular products if you have questions.

  • We have every intention of holding the festival, but if there is a governmental order that prohibits it, we will be forced to cancel. Due to the constantly changing situation, we may be forced to cancel at the last minute due to a governmental order. We will notify all vendors immediately if a decision is made to cancel, and all vendor fees will be refunded 100%. We will not cancel for lack of vendors.


Lastly, this year we will have an Online directory of vendors! This year some vendors and guests may not be able to make it to the festival in person—so we are creating a way for them to visit you online.

  • Vendors who are not coming in person to the festival can still participate! For product/service vendors who are not coming in person, the fee is $10 to be listed.

  • With your registration form, be sure to provide your website, Facebook page name, and any social media handles (e.g. Twitter/Instagram).

  • We will build an online directory at of all vendors who provide this information, linking visitors with your website or social media page. The directory will go live at the beginning of September, and will remain live after the festival in October. Your listing will remain valid until next September, at which point you can register for Mountain Day 2021.


Thanks again for your participation in this great event! 

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